Friday, June 06, 2008

The Wimpy Witness Yard Sale

First off, let me make a confession. I hate Yard Sales! The idea of leaving my nice cozy bed and opening my eyes at the crack of dawn is ludicrous. The only thing worse than going to a Yard Sale is having one. Selling my stuff on Ebay or calling the local Goodwill to come pick up my old junk just seems more logical. Less bother, no early wake-up calls. That said, There is one reason and only one reason why I would recommend a Yard Sale and that is ... It's a great opportunity to witness to your neighbors. Nothing brings out the neighbors like a chance to nose through your stuff. Finally, you get to see who lives in the house where the blinds are always drawn and nobody ever comes or goes. They just can't resist the opportunity of finding something that you might be too stupid to realize is a treasure of great value. Who cares what reasons they are willing to tramp on over to your yard, at least they come ..and.. there you are, armed with tracts and hot coffee or cold drinks. They have to take your tract now, after all it would be rude and you are their neighbor. As much as I have always hated the yard sale ritual, I must admit that I throughly enjoyed myself on that Saturday. My neighbors are quite nice. Can't say that I sold much, but truthfully that wasn't my point in having a yard sale. I did, however, have some awesome conversations about God and Salvation. My Wimpy Witness team, along with Hug-O, the rolling Bible Tract Cart were on hand passing out tracts and proving that not all teenagers are rude and selfish. Watching these two young men being so helpful and respectful was a blessing in itself. They showed their commitment to serving their Lord and I know they both earned Treasure in Heaven. I could go on and on about what an incredible day it was but let me just suggest that you try having a Wimpy Witness Yard Sale for yourself. It will be a lot of work but......Oh.. the blessings!

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